About the Digital Warriors

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Lee Dawson

Lee has a 30 year career in the health and fitness industry, including being a national Thai Fit coach for Fitness First PLC where he wrote fitness programs for the biggest names in the industry. He’s also worked at various government run health centres internationally. Backed by a team of research scientists, his Warrior determination is now channeled into finding and exposing the truth about health, & keeping us all fit and well enough to survive the change in direction humanity is embarking on. Lee Currently works as a health & nutrition specialist at Verelst Genetics.

David Mahoney

David´s film career has been active since the early 1990´s. Having worked all over the world, he has now turned his acting prowess around into presenting the truth! David has been actively defending constitutional rights all his life and he’s proud to say he is no stranger to attempted oppression and confrontation. HIs father gave him the best piece of advice anyone could ever have: “A hard days work makes a man, don’t be afraid tell the truth, fear nothing or no one, don’t put your trust uniforms, titles or authorities, steer a steady course on the moral compass and keep your mouth shut when being questioned by Police!” He doesn’t!

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Dave Vickers

Dave Vickers

Dave runs the techy end of things at DWP, he’s the video director, program producer and he writes. That’s’ it… When asked why he does all this, “It’s my job to know visual marketing (it’s just a game at the end of the day) and I noticed by May 2020 how the MMS & the governments had started using some well-oiled & familiar marketing tricks in an underhand way on the population. It’s nothing new, but when it’s contra health, it really bothers me. People need to see both sides.”